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The Purposed Woman Movement



The Book


Discover how to live with intentionality and purpose as a woman in times like these. This book engages women of every background during a purposeful journey to victorious living. Whether you are  questioning your purpose, walking in the fullness of it, or inadvertently walking away from it, the truths in this book will meet you wherever you are and spark transformation.



The Purposed Woman exposes the deeply rooted issues that  subtly rob women, while revealing solutions to the unique challenges often faced by women. The Purposed Woman is the product of God's anointing, deliverance, healing, and helping women overcome some of life’s most difficult situations through the power of prayer, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit. The Purposed Woman, will enlighten those desiring to walk in purpose, living a productive life free from fear, shame, guilt, or regret! CLICK HERE for a press release and "about the book"



The Purpose


Who is the Purposed Woman? Potentially it is you, me, and every woman! Regardless of age, culture, socioeconomic or familial status, we have all experienced moments of great pride, joy, and laughter, as well as the disappointments, struggles, and tears of womanhood!


At some point in life every woman’s heart cries out for an answer to the question, What is my purpose? The Purposed Woman helps women discover the answers by dissecting the biblical truths that surround the origin, composition, strengths, and weaknesses of woman, while teaching women how to discover and embrace the purpose, peace, and prosperity available in every  circumstance. In spite of education, wealth, race, or locality, God has given each woman on earth a purpose and special assignment of which they were uniquely made to fulfill. We must embrace our destinies as women and become proactive in implementing the principles necessary for our success, which is intricately linked to the success of our families, communities, and the society!



The Movement


The Purposed Woman is more than a book. It’s a movement born of God that helps women around the world discover their unique and divine designwhich is instrumental in the fulfillment of purpose. In these times of high moral degradation and human exploitation, women must arise as healthy, purposeful, and victorious living examples before our posterity in order to produce the reformation that will shift our society to the salvation and health that it is so desperately crying out for. The spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellness of women is directly related tothe conditions we see in the world today. It is our time to walk in the wholeness necessary to impact lives as God intended!




Read the book, be transformed, embrace the purpose and be a catalyst for change!



Regardless of your locality, we can partner with you to host Purposed Women's conferences, bookclubs, and fellowship groups that will inspire and equip women and girls to live life "on purpose". Hope is also available for conferences, revivals, and workshops that will infuse the hearts of women with these transformational truths. Through powerful teaching, prayer, and healing, women receive all that is essential to purposeful living. Break free from ritualized and traditional women’s meetings and join those who have decided to remove the masks and walk in liberty and victory!


Purposed Woman Movement Fellowships monthly currently in VA and NC! See engagements!


Let us come and launch your fellowship on a Saturday and see lives transformed for the glory of God!




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