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Back to the Garden Ministries with Hope D. Blackwell

Reaching the lost and equipping the believer!

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Welcome to Back to the Garden Ministries, Inc. with Hope D. Blackwell2

We must go "back to the garden"; the place of intimacy, communion, and friendship with God. It is in the garden where the kingdom purposes and plans for all mankind were released. Even in that very place of purpose, we fell, losing our God given dominion and authority. Thanks to God, we received the restoration of life, authority, and power through Jesus Christ. Now God is calling us "back to the garden" to develop a passion for His presence,His purposes, and His people.


We are truly in the season of the harvest! We must go beyond the church walls and walk in our "garden" mandate to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish and subdue the earth. It is time to break racial, gender, social, political, and denominational barriers that for too long have hindered our progress. It's time for love, holiness, and unity among the community of believers for an end time movement unlike any we have ever known. The world is desperate for an answer, and His name is Jesus. It's time for us to present Him. We have spent enough time making great the names of men and women, seeking after worldly fame and pleasures, and misrepresenting the gospel message of the Kingdom. Let's go forth making the name of Jesus known and spreading His love and His Word across the land!



I sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit the site and hope to hear from you via e-mail. I pray that your passion for God will intensify and that by His grace you will walk in His image, likeness, and power. May the grace and mercy of God be with you and I pray something on this site will encourage you to go "back to the garden" and discover the great work God desires to do in and through you for His glory!