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Back to the Garden, The Man, the Purpose is the second book in the Back To The Garden” purpose series. It is a challenging, encouraging, and empowering message, uncovering the deeply rooted issues hindering men from walking in their full authority and purpose in God. Filled with powerful revelatory teachings from the book of Genesis, it ushers men into a transformation from the shadow of Adam to the type of Christ. This book identifies and addresses the struggles many men face in society today, and provides biblical solutions. This book will truly enhance the hearts and minds of men who desire to understand their full purpose, and long to walk in authority and victory. Women readers can too be endued with wisdom as they read and develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity to the needs of men. A “must read” for men, wives, and mothers.





Back to the Garden, The Woman, the Purpose is the first book in the "Back to the Garden" purpose series. It delivers a life changing message revealing God’s purpose for women, while uncovering the deeply rooted issues hindering women from operating in their full potential. Filled with powerful revelatory teachings from the book of Genesis, it thrusts women into a transformation from the shadow of Eve to the type of Holy Spirit. This book will transform the souls of women longing to understand, attain, and fulfill their God ordained destiny. Men too can be endued with wisdom as they read and develop their understanding of the design and calling of women. This book is a “must read” for women, husbands, and fathers.






Back to the Garden, The Marriage, the Purpose  is the third book in the “Back To The Garden” purpose series. This book is dedicated to people everywhere who have a desire to walk as one in the promises of God for marriage, while loving, learning, and growing together into a “tag team” for His glory. This book has also been described as a powerful "how to" book for a most blessed and successful marriage. This book will challenge even the most strengthened marriage to go to another level. In this book Hope addresses issues faced prior to and during marriage that often go unaddressed in the church today. Filled with the truths and promises found in God’s word for marriage, this book promises to bless singles, those courting, and those desiring to fortify their marriage.



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The Purposed Woman


 More than a book, it's a movement.




Discover how to live with intentionality and purpose as a woman in times like these. This book engages women of every background in a purposeful journey to victorious living. Whether you are asking the question what’s my purpose, walking in the fullness of it, or inadvertently walking away from it, the truths in this book will meet you wherever you are and cause transformation. The Purposed Woman exposes the deeply rooted issues that subtly rob women, while revealing solutions to the unique challenges often faced by women. The powerful revelations in this book will bring your life meaning and fulfillment.



This power packed workbook will usher you through a personal development, transformation, and renewal of heart, thoughts, and emotions; helping you to walk in a greater effectiveness as a woman of purpose in God's kingdom. Through powerful scriptures, Q & A, Devotional Notes, Purposeful Thoughts, and Purposed "PowerPoints" you will uncover and discover the treasures within, while removing every obstruction to a deeper relationship with Christ. Learn to live in victory, intentionality, and purpose!



This workbook is a must have in your women's fellowship, organization, bookclub or ministry or group study.

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