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Back to the Garden Ministries with Hope D. Blackwell

Reaching the lost and equipping the believer!

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About The Ministry

Back to the Garden or BTTG Ministries, Inc. was birthed by Hope D. Blackwell in 2003, many years following the call on her life to "build the old wastes, raise up the former desolations, and repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations". (Isaiah 61:4) The ministry serves as a Para-church movement advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to walk victoriously in God's purpose for their lives both locally and around the world. The role a the para-church ministry is very simple. By definition "para" means to come alongside or to resemble, to be a counterpart of. Just as paramedic and paralegals work alongside doctors and lawyers doing similar work to help them accomplish their goals more effectively and efficiently, so does the para-church ministry work alongside the local church to help accomplish the will of the Father without the legalism and religious protocols that too often block the movement of the Holy Spirit, saving of souls, and edification of believers. The paramedic and paralegal understands their role is not to replace the doctor or lawyer. They also know their work is critical in assisting those leads and focusing on specific areas of need that may require tarrying in certain areas and giving special attention or meticulous detail to key elements of their assignment, causing the end result of victory to be achieved by all. This is the heart and function of the para-church ministry.


Our mission is providing resources for those in need, reaching the lost with the gospel message of Christ, and strengthening the believer through extensive teaching of God’s Word. We accomplish this through services, events, or programs that help others experience the many facets of the love of God, His Word, and His servants. While much of the local church budget is spent sustaining the building and staff, our ministry is able to focus most of the budget toward the work of ministry. Through utilizing partnerships with other churches, ministries, business and recreational facilities, we can extend our reach and minimize debt, focusing energy on the needs of people effectively and efficiently.


Back to the Garden Ministries is the product of intimacy with God, study of His Word, and transformation by the Holy Ghost. In the book of Genesis, (in the Garden of Eden), Hope received revelation and teaching that would thrust her into full deliverance, healing, and purpose. For several years she studied and yielded there as God revealed some of the essential truths found "inthe Garden" needed for victorious and purposeful living. These "garden" teachings are filled with revelations of scripture that have ushered men, women, and couples, of all ages, status, and cultures into a more purposeful life.


It is in the beginning of creation, where we received the understanding of our divine design and purpose in God. It is there where the kingdom purposes and plans for all mankind were released. Even in that very place of purpose and power, we fell, losing our God given dominion. Thanks be to God, we were given restoration of life, authority, and power through Jesus Christ for the winning of souls and advancement of the kingdom of God.As we go "back to the garden"; the place of intimacy, communion, and fellowship with God, we will receive the impartation, revelation, and instructions needed for purposeful and victorious living; then being empowered to fulfill the mandate of the great commission.


Throughout scripture the garden is often the place of beauty, peace, fruitfulness, and communion with God. Although it is a place of abundance, it is also the place where the first struggles between the flesh and the spirit were aroused. This struggle existed then and will continue until the return of Christ, but through the blood of Jesus and power of the Holy Ghost we are victorious! As a ministry we teach and disciple others, helping them to discover and fulfill their purpose in the Kingdom of God, while accurately operating in the victory, authority, and power that we have in Him. BTTG Ministries, Inc. shares the gospel of the kingdom throughout the world through the teaching of God's Word, and acts of love service that equip, encourage, and empower others.




Vision:  Locally and globally equipping, encouraging, and empowering God's people to walk victoriously in their purpose. 


Mission:  Locally and globally advancing the Kingdom of God by living God's Word, giving to those in need, and sharing God's Word with people of all cultures, ages, and status in both the community and the church.


Chief Strategy:  Locally and globally empowering God's people to be effective Kingdom witnesses through prayer, unification and teachings and trainings, that will destroy bondage, spark transformation, and lead to growth and victorious living.


What do we share?                                                         


The World: BTTG Ministries transforms lives by transparently ministering to those in need and addressing everyday life situations according to biblical principles. We share the love of Christ through programs, trainings, and services that meet the needs of people in the community and abroad. It is our passion to usher people into a place where they experience the love, encouragement, healing, and restoration available through intimate relationship with our loving and merciful God, thus discovering their purpose. BTTG Ministries operates under the mandate of the great commission, while conveying authentic love, compassion, and service to a world in need of the peace, hope, and success found in Christ. We engage the community with intentionality, organization, and effective programs and structure that bring about high success.


The Church: BTTG Ministries is further called to advance the Kingdom of God through the ministry of edification and needed service within the body of Christ. By facilitating the needed healing, teaching, and unity within the body, we are seeing the destruction of the denominational, gender, and racial barriers that hinder our effectiveness as one in the world today. It is our calling as a para-church ministry to work alongside churches and ministries to build and enhance God's people to walk in dominion in every arena of life. We endeavor to teach & demonstrate unity, establishing collaborations and partnerships amongst Christian organizations, churches, and ministries that will be an accurately represent Christ, thus providing real cures to the ills of society, seeing people released from the bondage of sin into a new victorious life in Christ, thus growing the global community of believers.


The various programs, teachings, and trainings are radically transforming lives and familie and can be tailored to suit your community, conference, training, or ministry program. As a para-church ministry we also work in partnership with communities, organizations, businesses, and churches of all denominations, cultures, and status to assist them in fulfilling their missions. There is NO HONORARIUM or CHARGE to share with churches or ministries. We accept free will offerings and/or those who God has touched to give to the ministry.


  • Glocal Missions Consulting and Development
  • Global Mission Assignments in East and West Africa and Asia
  • Effective and Strategic Evangelism Training for In/Outreach Ministry
  • Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy Services
  • Spiritual Counseling and Coaching 
  • Workforce Development/Community Service
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Extensive Women's Ministry
  • Singles/Couple's Ministry


How do we share?


Teaching Resources: Sharing books, teachings, and training materials to educate and equip people for purposeful and victorious living.


Community Services: Providing social programs and services that enhance lives mentally, emotionally, socially, and economically.


GLOCAL Evangelism, Outreach, & Missions: Locally and globally spreading the gospel message of  salvation and hope found through Christ, whileloving, serving, and giving to those in need.


Speaking Engagements: Sharing the truth of God's word in various settings to educate, equip, encourage, and empower God’s people for victorious kingdom life.


Media: Using media sources to spread the truth of God's Word, seeing souls saved, God glorified, and the body of Christ edified.



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